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To Limit the Spread

About the Movie

director: Noël Mitrani

Montreal, Quebec

April 10 and 26, 2020

2min 55sec

shot on: Motorola Z2 Play 2018 phone camera

edited with: Windows Movie Maker

A police van blares out instructions to people in the park through its speaker. Is everything forbidden?

“I filmed these images during isolation. I felt a deep discomfort when this police van passed giving instructions to people in the park through its megaphone. I felt that I no longer lived in a free country in this moment but in a parallel universe. What happened to us? Everything is forbidden. We are surviving by playing tennis on our deserted street. Everything is repetitive. Fortunately there is this happy music composed by my son that tries to cover the distressing echo of the megaphone”. – Noël Mitrani