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Will Bhaneja

Living in: Toronto, Ontario
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Will Bhaneja, Raoul Bhaneja, Birgitte Solem are a family living in Parkdale. Mom and Dad are long time actors who have appeared on stages across the country and have worked on various television and film projects over the last 25 years. Ten year old Will is just starting to get involved in making things including some of the music in The Shed. This film is created by his Production company Boom Bam Productions!


Where were you born, where did you grow up, where do you live now?
Toronto, Toronto, Toronto!

First film you made, and where and when?
Socks of Glory… at my school, Grade 4.

Latest film you made, and where and when?
The Shed, Toronto, April 2020

Describe your current living space.
In my house with my parents and brother.

What Canadian would you challenge to make an isolation movie?
Keanu Reeves, hell ya!

In the history of cinema whose isolation move would you want to see?
Keanu Reeves, one of my favourite actors (after my parents).

Worst thing about being in isolation?
The boredom.

Best thing about being in isolation?
Video games.

Favourite book to read in isolation?
New Tom Clancy book… just read the first few pages.

Favourite music to listen to in isolation?
Travis Scott.

Favourite movies to watch in isolation?
John Wick 2.

Favourite meal in isolation?
Jamaican Beef patties.

What’s the last best thing you cooked?
Stir fry noodles.