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Larry Kent

Living in: Town of Mount Royal, Montreal, QC
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Larry Kent, the godfather of Canadian independent cinema, was born in South Africa in 1933, attended the University of British Columbia and has been based in Montreal for the last 40 years. His films include Sweet Substitute (64), High (67), The Hamster Cage (05), Hastings Street (07) and She Who Must Burn (15). He is the winner of multiple awards including Fantasia’s Best Canadian Film. Larry’s debut film The Bitter Ash (63) is on the Essential Works in Canadian Cinema list as one of the top 40 Canadian feature films of all time.


– where were you born, where did you grow up, where do you live now?

Johannesburg South Africa, Mbabane Swaziland, Montreal.

– first film you made, and where and when?

The Bitter Ash, Vancouver, 1962

– latest film you made, and where and when?

She Who Must Burn, Vancouver, 2016

– describe your current living space

a two Bedroom Apartment.

– what Canadian would you challenge to make an isolation movie?

David Cronenberg

– In the history of cinema who’s isolation movie would you want to see?

Francois Truffaut

– worst thing about being in isolation?


– best thing about being in isolation?

Time to think and write

– favourite book to read in isolation?

Antony Beevor’s Stalingrard

– favourite movies to watch in isolation?

Seven Samurai, The Wages of Fear, Rifi, The Godfather

– favourite meal in isolation?

Shepards Pie.

– what’s the last best thing you cooked?

Bacon and Eggs