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Short film No. 6

About the Movie

director: Larry Kent

Town of Mount Royal, Montreal, QC

April 25, 2020

5min 30sec

shot on: zoom

edited with: in camera

An 87-year-old in lockdown has a broken keyboard and needs a friend to help buy a new one so he can apply for a creative relief fund.

I was stymied, I had a problem with the lockdown. What story could I tell with my limited tech skills using the iPhone, and myself as the protagonist and no other actor! I had a true story about my keyboard, which was broken, and getting a friend to help me buy a new keyboard and get it delivered. My daughter set up a family Zoom conference. BINGO an idea was hatched!! I got hold of Louis Carriere a young Quebec acting student and he agreed to do the short film with me.

I found the Zoom style was good especially as it gave me the ability to observe the actors and their performances (it was very difficult to follow my own direction no matter what I told myself the actor, I did not follow what I the I director told me about giving a nuanced performance). Zoom was very conducive for improvisation.  Given the constraints of the lockdown and the film time limits, Zoom was a fantastic tool.” – Larry Kent