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Taravat Khalili

Living in: North York, Ontario
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Taravat Khalili is an experimental filmmaker and a multimedia artist based in Toronto. She studied filmmaking practices at Sheridan College. Taravat earned her bachelor and master of Fine Arts from York University and is the co-founder of KAJART, a multimedia studio that focuses on animation and visual arts. She received a number of awards from various film festivals, including MaGa Macon Film Festival, Tirgan Film Festival, Viva Doc International and her films have been officially selected for screenings at Hot Docs, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Images Film Festival, Victoria Film Festival, Le FIFA, Cinematheque Winnipeg and Pleasure Dome.


– where were you born, where did you grow up, where do you live now?

Born in Tehran. Grew up in Tehran, and then Hamilton, Oakville, Toronto.

– first film you made, and where and when?

“le sentiment” Sheridan college 2003

– latest film you made, and where and when?

“Shield” (working title) Film Farm 2019

– describe your current living space

A small one bedroom apartment with my partner.

– what Canadian would you challenge to make an isolation movie?

Esery Mondesir

– In the history of cinema whose isolation move would you want to see?

Jonas Mekas

– worst thing about being in isolation?

Not enough sun.

– best thing about being in isolation?

Appreciating life

– favourite book to read in isolation?

On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Voung

– favourite music to listen to in isolation?

Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, world music

– favourite movies to watch in isolation?

Ema by Pablo Larrain, 1917 by Sam Mendez, and Parajanov movies.

– favourite meal in isolation?

homemade blueberry jam with yogurt… also brunch.

– what’s the last best thing you cooked?

Veggie soup