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The Garden

About the Movie

director: Taravat Khalili

North York, Ontario

April 27 to May 1, 2020

2min 10sec

shot on: Canon T2i & iPhone X

edited with: Adobe Premiere

Creating an indoor garden in these strange hazy days helps the mind stay sane and the looming depression away.

When isolation began, I started planting things I had in my fridge. Store bought veggies and fruits. I began spending more time taking care of the plants in my apartment and appreciating their lives. This was a good opportunity to make a little film about them. The film is about passing these strange hazy days in a dream like state, taking it a day at a time, reflecting, trying to understand it and cope with it and trying to change with it. I create this garden for my mind to keep sane, to stay put and not give in the depression that stares me in the eyes, sitting next to me, waiting for me to be vulnerable.” – Taravat Khalili