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My Pandemonia

About the Movie

director: Peter Lynch

Toronto, Ontario

March-July 2020

9min 30sec

shot on: iPhone X

edited with: Adobe Premiere Pro

A personal story about the cataclysmic life-altering events experienced during life under COVID 19.

“This film idea started as I was reviewing what at first appeared to be random shots of my daily life on my iPhone. Patterns and major disruptions started to emerge, which tell a story of the cataclysmic changes I experienced during COVID 19.This journey draws on memories, objects, detritus architecture, urban anthropology, nature, geology, landscape, pop culture life, death and holds them up to different sources of illumination. It creates a structural reading of my inner psyche and the external city.

We are mostly alone in our private lives now. What is my relationship to this story? What do we mean when we say “ everything has changed?” This film attempts to capture the feeling of these disruptions from a personal perspective. How will this world end and the next one begin?” – Peter Lynch