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Sing To Me The Song

About the Movie

director: Leslie Supnet

Winnipeg, Manitoba and The Internet

July & August 2020

5min 25sec

shot on: Screen Capture

edited with: Adobe Premiere

Home movies of families visiting the Philippines – appearing and disappearing are used a metaphor for Leslie’s heightened dreams during the pandemic.

Sing to Me the Song is a screen recording of a browser based work, about my dreams during the pandemic. Typically, I don’t remember my dreams. That started to change after the public health orders to isolate, quarantine and limit contact with the outside world. The heightened sense of collective loss and other pandemic stress in my waking life somehow transformed into dreams that were full of colour, singing and journeys to places unknown yet vaguely familiar. I saw family and friends who are no longer with us, waving back at me, smiling. I used home movies / found footage of families visiting the Philippines as a metaphor for this dream state, scrolling through them as they appear and disappear.”  – Leslie Supnet