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Squiggleface Lumpybear and Beatrice the Dog Try Video Chat

About the Movie

director: Curtis L. Wiebe

Winnipeg, Manitoba

September 2020

7min 30sec

shot on: Computer using Zoom application

edited with: DaVinci Resolve

Two friends try to socialize online during the pandemic in this odd couple puppet movie.

“A short puppet film featuring a variation on the classic odd couple. A collaborator and I had these characters already developed for a live puppet performance.

Ben Dyck (Beatrice) and I (Squiggleface) wanted to know what it would be like if these two characters connected over an online platform such as Zoom.

The result is a humorous exploration of an impossible friendship that touches on issues related to the pandemic while featuring some of the awkwardness we have all had to endure while trying to socialize through a technological intermediary.” – Curtis L. Wiebe