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An Isolated Day Full of Strange Isolated Events

About the Movie

director: Celeste Koon


April 18, 2020

3min 26sec

shot on: Canon 7D with animation drawn on an iPad

edited with: Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects

Celeste escapes from the pandemic and into the world of her imagination filled with dinosaurs and chocolate cake.

“I storyboarded a film where I talk about isolation and the world and dealing with everything but I can’t expect my mom to learn to be a DOP in 5 minutes and I definitely can’t expect myself to be any good at being a super serious public speaker in 5 minutes so I fell back on what I do know; escaping the world through my imagination. I danced about, made funny faces, and … taught myself to animate (teaching myself to animate is easier than teaching myself to be a serious public speaker). Also, I made a film that made me happy as I worked on it, something fun that does not dwell on the state of the world outside but on the infinite worlds within our heads.” – Celeste Koon