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Being & Birding in Pandemic Times

About the Movie

director: Ali Kazimi

Parkdale, Toronto, Ontario

March 14 – April 28, 2020

5min 45sec

shot on: iPhone 11 Pro

edited with: Davinci Resolve 16 Studio

2 Bengal cats and their human companions spend time together in isolation.

“After the first week listening to CBC radio and reading/watching the news online, I felt completely overwhelmed. I took a couple of days off from the news and felt better. We started enjoying the quiet and would occasionally document our cats and their antics. On our walks, I documented storefront signs along Queen Street. We went for a walk along the lakeshore and I photographed us wearing the masks Heidi had stitched. I had also taken some shots with my iPhone thru the binoculars (having just discovered the pleasure of a tripod mounted binocular for birding) – and we frequently play bird videos for our cats. For years, friends and family had urged me to do cat videos, I had wanted to do a film without words.

On May 13, I sat down to edit and four hours later the film emerged, a day finessing picture and adding the sound design, another day learning and doing colour grading on Resolve 16 – it was done.” – Ali Kazimi