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Breakdown #29

About the Movie

director: Dana Inkster

Lethbridge, Alberta

June 5, 2020

3min 20sec

shot on: PC Desktop

edited with: Premiere Pro

“I have been warned, my homemade face-masks are affecting my meetings. I’m not feeling safe or healthy. Thank you for asking. All the very best, Dana.”


“A moment in a time of COVID-19 and the killing of George Floyd. Spring 2020. I went into my archives to mine something and found a Skype conversation with African-Canadian curators about the “28 Days” exhibition. Prophetically, it illustrated my experience with 2020 Zoom meetings to perfection. I think I have something to say in these meetings but technology is an issue..glitchy (as my son would say). COVID has been a bit of a walking nightmare and I made this 3 minutes to say so.” – Dana Inkster