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About the Movie

director: Dylan Akio Smith

Vancouver/Southern Gulf Islands, BC

July 17-20, 2020

3min 45sec

shot on: iPhone XS

edited with: Adobe Premiere Pro

After 4 months of being isolated a family decides to come up for air.

Breakout – is the story of my family and I leaving Vancouver after almost 4 months of being isolated at our house. It felt like we were coming up for air as the build up of tension and underlying hysteria created almost a wall of mental noise inside of us. We noticed our kids being more depressed and us snapping at them more often, being more impatient and distant from each other. We decided that we needed to give our family a chance to breathe. As I made the film I became more interested in not talking about the virus directly or even really talking at all, but just observing my surroundings. I became aware of how lucky we are in BC and our family in particular to have a place to get away to. It started to feel almost like a fantasy – or at least an escape from COVID 19. Maybe it’s the equal and opposite to isolation. Freedom and connection. Maybe we just appreciate it more now. “ – Dylan Akio Smith