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Cloud Elastic

About the Movie

director: Ry O’Toole

Fredericton, New Brunswick

April 30, 2020

2min 45sec

shot on: iPhone 6, Sony HD Handycam

edited with: Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects

Time is jagged, elastic and abstract during these days of pandemic.

cloud elastic was filmed along a nearby path that I walk daily. At the end of the path is an isolated lake. There is never anyone else there. On clear days, the beauty of the area is overwhelming. As I was importing and transcoding videos that I had shot along the path and near the lake, I was inspired by the stilted images of randomly selected frames in the Adobe Media Encoder preview window. Time has felt jagged, elastic and abstract these past two or so months, and senses have been at once heightened and suppressed.” – Ry O’Toole