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Dirty Talk

About the Movie

director: Gabriela MacLeod

Montreal, Quebec

May 12, 2020

4min 10sec

shot on: Canon Rebel T3i

edited with: Adobe Premiere

I see you out there on the streets walking within 2 metres of each other.

“Spitting into your own hands smells worse than it looks and I have tested it out for your enjoyment in this behind-the-scenes look at things one can do while living alone during a global pandemic. A beautiful woman signing at sunset in a country field that “everything was going to be okay” from the other side of the computer screen was not comforting to me. She does not fool me, I know she’s sleeping with the cameraman. This screen has become my umbilical cord to the outside world, but the ways in which it does not replace physical experience has become increasingly blatant. To top it off, I have developed computer vision sickness syndrome with the first weeks of lockdown. This film takes revenge on the relentless rainbows. It yearns to add a counter balance, another variation on our experiences and acknowledges that many people are not okay right now.” – Gabriela MacLeod