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Gerson Workout

About the Movie

director: Ryan McKenna

Montreal, Quebec

May 27, 2020

3min 45sec

shot on: GH5

edited with: Premiere

Filmmaker Ryan McKenna attempts to shoot a documentary about his ailing friend but life in quarantine is making it difficult.

“My dear friend Dan Gerson has a degenerative eye disorder and is going blind. Our plan is for me to make a doc portrait of him trying to complete what is likely his final film. We’ve been having a really hard time getting started. Dan was recently in the hospital for several months with a life-threatening illness, and now COVID is keeping us from really getting started. This is a snapshot of my life in quarantine, as well as my attempts to get this new project off the ground. Like Gerson’s recovery, everything feels like it’s moving in baby steps.” – Ryan McKenna