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About the Movie

director: Vanessa Magic

Toronto, Ontario

May 2020


shot on: iPhone 10R

edited with: iMovie / Adobe Premiere

Trying to stay creative and deal with loneliness and isolation Vanessa builds a ghost costume, rearranges her furniture every night, and makes this film.

“I made Ghosting as a way to stay creative and deal with the loneliness and isolation I was feeling. I choose a ghost as the protagonist, as I thought to myself who is more lonely and isolated than a ghost? Ghosts are often stuck in between worlds or dwellings, trying to figure out what unfinished business they need to complete in order to move on. I was thinking a lot about how I felt ghosted by people and projects, as things ended suddenly without explanation. Also how I was grieving, trying to navigate this new situation and what I could do to have familiarity back in my life. So I built a ghost costume, rearranged the furniture every night, and made this film.” – Vanessa Magic