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Lahore Lunch

About the Movie

director: Haya Waseem

Lahore, Pakistan

April 5, 2020

1min 45sec

shot on: iPhone

edited with: Adobe Premiere

Wishing she could be with her family in Lahore, Waseem directs her 11-year-old sister to record their traditional lunch.

“My two younger sisters and mother had a trip planned to Pakistan to visit my grandmother and uncle over the spring holidays, but I decided to stay behind. This happened right around the time where news of the virus was spreading and circumstances were changing day by day. They ended up flying to Lahore as planned and now they are there indefinitely, until flights resume. Since I couldn’t be there for those family meals I remember so fondly, I summoned my 11 year old sister to film a Sunday Lunch as per my instructions; find your frame, don’t move the camera, observe for 30 seconds… it felt like making home movies when I was around her age, with cousins around the house. The footage turned out surprisingly beautiful and intimate and I felt present with them through the experience.” – Haya Waseem