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About the Movie

director: Liz Marshall

Sunshine Coast, British Columbia

March to June, 2020

4min 45sec

shot on: iPhone 7, iOS 13.5.1

edited with: Adobe Premiere Pro

A brief winter holiday to the Sunshine Coast to visit family turns into an unforgettable 20 week hiatus from Liz’s Toronto home.

“What was a brief winter holiday to the Sunshine Coast, BC turned into 20 weeks away from my Toronto home and work environment. It was also the time of my new film Meat the Future’s broadcast and film festival premiere. I hunkered down at my mother’s place, worked from her dining room table, and established a supportive daily routine to stay healthy. Through the angst and the graces of what it takes to adapt to a global pandemic, we learned from and about each other, after not cohabitating since 1987. I was also grateful to have the steady flow of the ocean, the sturdy presence of mountains, and the deep silence of old growth rain forest. I found myself drawn to solitude and reflection, as refuge. Landscape is a short piece that reflects these themes, about an unforgettable time, that I will always cherish.” – Liz Marshall