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Safe At Home

About the Movie

director: Sarah Galea-Davis & Dave Derewlany

Toronto, Ontario

May 4 - May 10, 2020

4min 5sec

shot on: Canon 5D

edited with: Adobe Premiere

Part family portrait, part dystopian fiction of life in isolation under COVID-19.

“It’s been said that the best filmmaking comes from working with your limitations. Living under quarantine, everyday life has now become about working with our limitations. So is everyone living there best life now? That’s for history to decide – and by history we mean a Twitter poll. This thought was, by prescription of the circumstances, the invisible hand that guided the making of our film. The windows are over exposed? Add it to the list of “aesthetic choices” being handed to us.

In Safe At Home, we tried to capture the moments that are likely to fade in our memories in the coming years, probably a result of some coping mechanism that will cherry pick the good times from the bad so that we can move on.

We are not frontline workers risking our lives to help others. We are just filmmakers telling a story that will hopefully make people laugh and say ‘That was good. Now when does this insanity end?’ – Sarah Galea-Davis & Dave Derewlany