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About the Movie

director: Laura Bari

Montreal, Quebec

May 2020

7min 30sec

shot on: iPhone

edited with: Adobe Premiere

Si is a political poem – and a fearless dialogue of horror that embraces the idea of living alone and together.

“In Montreal, a woman looks out at the world from her window, surfs the Internet, and listens to the news. She paints, writes and reads, combining what is coming at her from her inner world and that of the animal and insect world.

Quarantine and reality are clear and absolute oxymorons. Si is a juxtaposition of a woman’s subjective point of view, embracing the idea of living alone and together. It is also a political poem – a fearless dialogue of death and horror that moves from inside the body to the outside and back again; revealing the state and the impact of private and public systems.

I made this film to build a zone of common consciousness and act as metamorphosis-through-art.” – Laura Bari