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About the Movie

director: Julia Hart & Samantha Kaine

June 17, 2020

3min 10 sec

shot on: iPhone

edited with: Final Cut Pro X

Two friends share a phone conversation an ocean apart  – “if all of this wasn’t happening, where in the world do you think you would be?”

Solace was born out of a phone conversation, when we were discussing the lockdown and how different life feels now. We have all been suffering from repetition, sensory deprivation, and loneliness. I asked Samantha where she would be if she could be anywhere, and I felt transported by her response. We found solace in her sense of memory and hoped to transport others to a peaceful, open space for a moment. I found field recordings from the part of the world that Samantha describes, and hope that people enjoy listening.” – Julia Hart

I loved the idea of creating a film based on the isolation and solitude caused by the pandemic. Having the opportunity to see Juila’s face, gave me great satisfaction as well as made me sad that I couldn’t give her a hug. Being apart in isolation for so long changed my view of friendship a great deal. It allowed me to really do a deep dive and figure out what relationships mean to me and for me. There were memories I was losing because of the isolation, but I found new memories. Working on this film connected us in a way that spoke volumes and at times, in complete silence.” – Samantha Kaine