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The Company

About the Movie

director: Valerie Buhagiar

Toronto, Ontario

May, 2020

4min 50sec

shot on: iPhone SE

edited with: Adobe premiere

Many times I’ve tried to get rid of the ghost in my house and now that it’s gone, I want it back, for company.

“I’ve been living in this house for 20 years and for 18 of those 20 years I’d been living with a ghost. I could see this ghost. My son could also see the ghost. His father couldn’t.

I brought in “ghost busters” three different times. It didn’t work, it didn’t work and finally, it worked. The ghost is gone. That was 2 years ago. Today, my son, 18, is living abroad. His father is long gone. There’s a pandemic. We’re all in isolation. I wouldn’t mind seeing that ghost again. I could use the company.” – Valerie Buhagiar