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The Cop in Our Heads and the Cop in Our Hearts

About the Movie

director: Brett Story

Toronto, Ontario

July 2020

3min 40sec

shot on: Canon 60D and Nizo 561 Super 8

edited with: Adobe Premiere Pro

A neighborhood is ordered to shelter in place and snitch lines are set up in every town.

“It’s hard to know what to do with your fear, especially when in isolation. Early on in the pandemic, I noticed what felt like an uptick in public scoldings of others deemed insufficiently obedient to the demands of the COVID lockdown. That might be benign enough, if it weren’t also that authorities were setting up “non-compliance” lines all over the country, resulting in increased calls to the police and then increased police harassment and punishment. At this moment of reckoning with police violence, I wanted to make a “quarantine” film that looks out, not in, and so decided to make this small rumination on the internalization of police culture and how it can turn neighbours against one another.” – Brett Story