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Try to Remain Calm

About the Movie

director: Alexandra Grimanis & Steven Woloshen

Montreal, Quebec

2010 shooting and June 2020 post-production

1min 40sec

shot on: Super 8 film

edited with: Final Cut Pro

Made on glorious super-8 film,Try to Remain Calm is a fun look at pandemics in fiction films and how they are treated without any real consequences.

“We made Try to Remain Calm as an experiment. We shot the super-8 footage a while ago but this pandemic really encouraged us to finish the film. Alexandra and I started talking about pandemics in fiction films. The 1995 film Outbreak imagined a fictitious virus without any real consequences – it almost seems like a parody today.” – Steven Woloshen

“We shot the film when our kids were still young, on one of the rare days when we were both home with no kids around. Try to Remain Calm was fun and quick to make, a perfect escape for that brief window between getting all the housework done and picking up the kids from school/daycare!” – Alexandra Grimanis