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What is Home?

About the Movie

director: Janine Fung

Toronto, Ontario

April/May 2020

7min 25sec

shot on: iPhone 7

edited with: Final Cut Pro X

A heartwarming portrait of a family of 8 in isolation – is home the people, the house, or the history? What is home?

“My self-isolation started with a full house of eight people so it felt more like camp. A person in every room – kinda like how I grew up. My sister was stuck in Nepal when Nepal had closed its borders and my family had heated conversations around the dinner table but instead of talking about the horrible news and people dying all over the world (which has made me cry a lot), I wanted this film to be about some kind of love or some kind of learning… in the house.

I still wasn’t sure what to say but I wanted it to be beautiful, so I just started walking around the house and taking photographs or video of the sunlight. Ultimately, I wasn’t able to capture the way the light streams into the house but I started to see things from my childhood, tacky things that were my Dad’s art or just stuff that was still there after so many years.” – Janine Fung