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Qui ose rire dans le noir? (Who Dares to Laugh in the Dark?)

About the Movie

director: Esery Mondesir

Toronto, Ontario

June 26, 2020

3min 20sec

shot on: iPhone 8

edited with: Adobe Premiere

Darkness as the absence of light is re-imagined as a site of immeasurable creative and destructive power.

“I found myself constantly reflecting on the binary of light and dark during the pandemic. As I was caring for my indoor plants and beginning to learn woodworking, I was also thinking about the unscientific way these scientific concepts permeate the collective “imaginary” of the western world. In that view of the world, darkness is often presented as the absence of light, a site of ignorance to be conquered and “enlightened.” Qui Ose Rire dans le Noir reimagines darkness as a site of absorption of the entire light spectrum (visible and invisible wavelengths), a site of immeasurable (because unknown) creative and destructive power.” – Esery Mondesir