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Window Visits

About the Movie

director: Katerina Cizek

Toronto, Ontario

Images and Illustrations from March - June 2020

2min 50sec

shot on: iPhone

edited with: iMovie

Window Visits documents a family’s weekly afternoon visits to a long-term care facility from a child’s perspective.

“This short film is a window onto my current isolation life, punctuated by the weekly beat of Monday afternoon window visits to my dad, who is living in a long-term care facility. The visits are short and bittersweet but they are my family’s only regular major outings. It’s the only time we get to see my father. We’ve been documenting the visits through photography as well as stories on Facebook, and I’ve been actively advocating for government intervention on long-term care. Meanwhile, at home full-time, my 7-year old daughter has become interested in stop-motion animation, so we’ve started delivering some of her remote learning assignments for her Grade One teacher through that format, and that has inspired the approach here too. This short film is told through my daughter’s voice and POV. I was curious to know, what is this all like from a child’s perspective? I’ve never formally interviewed her before, and it was an interesting process for me as a documentarian. I cannot confirm or deny that any and/or all participants in this project were bribed with candy in the making of this film.”– Katerina Cizek