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About the Programme

The Cop in Our Heads and the Cop in Our HeartsBrett Story – Toronto, ON – 3min 40sec
A neighborhood is ordered to shelter in place and snitch lines are set up in every town. It’s hard to know what to do with your fear, especially when in isolation

In This MomentYuqi Kang – Calgary, AB – 3min 45sec
An intimate and very personal look at how even the most certain things in life can be taken away in the blink of an eye.

PrurientJohn Greyson – Toronto, ON – 8min
A poem about sex work in the age of COVID to the music of Handel. Let me weep over my cruel fate and let me sigh for liberty.

Breakdown #29Dana Inkster – Lethbridge, AB – 3min 20sec
“I have been warned, my homemade face-masks are affecting my meetings. I’m not feeling safe or healthy. Thank you for asking. All the very best, Dana.”

X-Ray(s)Jorge Lozano – Toronto, ON – 5min 55sec
“we can see the plastic trash through the calm transparent waters of Lake Ontario”

LOCKDOWNBrenda Longfellow – Toronto, ON – 5min 20sec
If there’s anyone who knows how to survive a lockdown it’s federally sentenced women.