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programme #3 – Home and Away

About the Programme

[…]Richard Fung – Douar, Morocco – 4min
With a travel ban in place, Richard and his partner Tim, are stranded as the only guests in a small riad in the Dades Valley in southeast Morocco.

29 DoorsAnna Maguire – London, England – 4min 30sec
My door is my keeper. It keeps me safe, keeps me isolated, keeps me disconnected. I’m lucky I have a door. If eyes are the window to the soul what are doors? A contemplation on staying inside.

once there was once there wasn’tRolla Tahir – رولا طاهر – Toronto, ON (Kuwait, Sudan) – 3min 20sec
Immigrant families already in a form of isolation keep connected across time zones by experiencing births and birthdays, eids and ramadans at a distance.

Lahore LunchHaya Waseem – Lahore, Pakistan – 1min 45sec
Wishing she could be with her family in Lahore, Waseem in Toronto, directs her 11-year-old sister to record their traditional lunch.

To Make A GardenGariné Torossian – Yerevan, Armenia – 2min 55sec
With no access to nature, we make our own garden in the walls of our apartment.

change over timeFrancisca Duran – Galicia, Spain and Toronto, ON – 4min 50sec
A collection of dreams and correspondences gathered in Toronto during the first 2 months of the pandemic.

Chronicle of a SpringSadaf Foroughi – Tehran, Iran – 2min 15sec
120 frames of cut up truth – a big halt imposed to life is a reminder to not be too attached to life.