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programme #4 – Taking Care

About the Programme

On the RoadAlan Zweig – Toronto, ON – 6min 10sec
A search for a place to walk, a space to dance and a mask that fits.

I Just Want to Wake UpHeather Frise – Toronto, ON – 3min
Snippets of night-time conversations and drawings create a sense of the pandemic world Heather finds herself in – juggling work, homeschooling her daughter, and taking care of her mother who has Alzheimer’s.

My PandemoniaPeter Lynch – Toronto, ON – 9min 30sec
A personal story about the cataclysmic life-altering events experienced during life under COVID 19.

What is Home?Janine Fung – Toronto, ON – 7min 25sec
A heartwarming portrait of a family of 8 in isolation – is home the people, the house, or the history? What is home?

ExhaleDylan Akio Smith – Vancouver/Gulf Islands, BC – 3min 40sec
After 4 months of being isolated a family decides to come up for air.

A Grief Observed – Matthew Rankin – 3min 20sec
Matthew spends Mother’s Day in his mom’s house slowly deleting her voicemails.