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programme #8 – Urban. Life

About the Programme

The Company Valerie Buhagiar – Toronto, ON – 4min 50sec
I’ve tried many times to get rid of the ghost in my house and now that it’s gone, I want it back, for company.

BundleJL Whitecrow – Toronto, ON – 3min 50sec
A gathering of the things you need to survive the apocalypse.

Being & Birding in Pandemic Times Ali Kazimi – Toronto, ON – 5min 45sec
Bengal cats and their human companions spend time together in isolation.

Backup CameraSimon Gadke – Toronto, ON – 3min 50sec
A woman decides to violate quarantine recreational driving recommendations and goes for a ride.

A Day for LoveAraya Mengesha – Toronto, ON – 5min 25sec
“I’ve been looking at you from a distance and I can’t stay silent.”

Vancouver April 2020 18:59:30 PTAnn Marie Fleming – East Vancouver, BC – 2min
Pacific Time performative pandemic gratitude meets Horton hears a Who.

Seeing AbsenceLisa Rideout – Toronto, ON – 3min 35sec
Director Lisa Rideout explores what’s missing in a neighbourhood impacted by social distancing.