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programme #5 – On the Edge

About the Programme

Dirty TalkGabriela MacLeod – Montreal, QC – 4min 10sec
I see you out there on the streets walking within 2 metres of each other. 

Horse in QuarantineWinston DeGiobbi – New Waterford, NS – 3min 15sec
Walking around the house during pandemic days wearing full-size horse legs can warp the way you move through a familiar space.

Try to Remain CalmSteve Woloshen & Alexandra Grimanis – Montreal, QC – 1min 40sec
Made on glorious super-8 film,Try to Remain Calm is a fun look at pandemics in fiction films and how they are treated without any real consequences.

I want to tell you somethingElizabeth Lazebnik – Toronto, ON – 3min 55sec
A surreal reflection of the state of life in an apartment during the pandemic.

CohabitatKara Blake – Montreal, QC – 2min 25sec
An escapist antidote to feeling isolated – imagining our homes as a host to a growing number of plants and animals whether we’re aware of it or not.

AfloatJacquelyn Mills – Cape Breton, NS – 4min 20sec
What keeps us afloat during these times? For Jacquelyn it’s swimming in the ocean observing creatures, sounds, colors, shadows and the light below.

An Isolated Day Full of Strange Isolated EventsCeleste Koon – Toronto, ON – 3min 25sec
Celeste escapes from the pandemic and into the world of her imagination filled with dinosaurs and chocolate cake.

Sing, O MuseBlaine Thurier – Vancouver, BC – 5min 45sec
Inspiration runs dry for a writer during the pandemic, so he calls out to his Muse for help from above.