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programme #11 – Getting Out

About the Programme

WeatherRobin McKenna – Georgian Bay, ON – 3min 30sec
When the busy-ness and distractions are taken away, and we’re left with silence and stillness – what could we gain by looking more closely at where we are at? 

Nôhcimihk (in the bush) Jay Cardinal Villeneuve – Keg River, AB – 7min 15sec
A day in the life of a young Cree girl isolated deep in the boreal forest of northern Alberta.

LandscapeLiz Marshall – Sunshine Coast, BC – 4min 55sec
A brief winter holiday to the Sunshine Coast to visit family turns into an unforgettable 20-week hiatus from Liz’s Toronto home.

the time It takes to hear itChristina Battle – Edmonton, AB – 3min 10sec
“Slowing down, looking closer, and listening to what has always been there just under the surface”

The GardenTaravat Khalili – Toronto, ON – 2min 10sec
Creating an indoor garden in these strange hazy days helps the mind stay sane and the looming depression away.

a garden path, a garden path – Cliff Caines – Toronto – 3min 35sec
Walking in relative isolation during the pandemic has become both an escape and a privileged confinement – a labyrinth.

Dreams, Memories and MidgesIngrid Veninger – Big Bay Point, ON – 2min 20sec
Isolating for over two months, I have strange dreams – and they involve midges.

Cloud ElasticRy O’Toole – Fredericton, NB – 2min 45sec
Time is jagged, elastic and abstract during these days of pandemic.