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programme #6 – MTL, QC

About the Programme

From 9 O’clockRaphael Bendahan – Montreal, QC – 2min 25sec
Alone in an apartment during COVID lockdown time shifts and morphs into a barrage of reminiscences, places, and memories. An adaptation of a poem by C.P. Cavafy

i’ve known riversMiryam Charles – Montreal, QC – 3min 50sec
A woman calls the police thinking she witnessed a crime.

SiLaura Bari – Montreal, QC – 7min 30sec
An ode to a forgotten hero – an asylum seeker from Haiti, a husband, a father and a victim of the pandemic.

are you haunted, daddy? (about anxiety)Guillaume Vallée – Montreal, QC – 2min 20sec
Vallée uses hand processed Super 8 film to depict various anxious states of mind reflecting a feeling of confusion and instability that the current pandemic has brought up.

Gerson WorkoutRyan McKenna – Montreal, QC – 3min 45sec
Filmmaker Ryan McKenna attempts to shoot a documentary about his ailing friend but life in quarantine is making it difficult.

Tire(d)Daniel Cross – Dorval Island, St Lawrence River, QC  – 2min 40sec
“Here I am sitting at the River, staring at this tire – buried in time, and wondering when I’ll get to move around again.”

Short film No. 6Larry Kent – Town of Mount Royal, Montreal, QC – 5min
An 87-year-old in lockdown has a broken keyboard and needs a friend to help buy a new one so he can apply for a creative relief fund.

To Limit the SpreadNoël Mitrani – Montreal, QC – 2min 55sec
A police van blares out instructions to people in the park through its speaker. Is everything forbidden

Advanced Search TermsDaniel Barrow – Montreal, QC – 2min 35sec
The first in a series of interactive “digital puppet shows” or “visual poems” telling the story of a wealthy woman (Melania Trump anyone?) quarantined in a luxurious penthouse condominium.